Video Services

DVD Packages

1 - DVD - $7.00

5 - DVD $25.00

(Save $10.00)

10  -DVD $45.00

(Save $25.00)

25 - DVD - $100

(Save $75.00)

Video COnversions

Technology grows far to fast for us to keep up. Turn that Old Tape or Mix Tape in an DVD or CD or Event a File for an online Upload

Can We DO it...Yes We Can
Floppy Disc to CD/DVD
VHS to File
Hi 8 to DVD
Hi 8 to File
DVD to File
Audio Tape to CD
CD to File

Rates Staring at $12.99


Highlight Films

Weather your showcasing your talent to a college scout or reliving the past season, Weldon Entertainment can create your Highlight Film

Individual For Sport Recruitment
6-10 Min Video - $300.00
2-5 Min Video - $250.00

Includes Recruiting Assistance

For Individual or Team Highlight for Personal Enjoyment. Please Contact Us

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Video Editing & Creation

Let Weldon Entertainment Make Your Video Footage or Pictures into an orgainized series of memories with quality video editing and creation

Rates Vary Depending on Length of Video or Slideshow Please Inquire to receive a Quote

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